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We offer a variety of products to address achy, tired, sore muscles and joints. Our products come in different strengths, applications, and ingredients. Each product is designed with your needs and lifestyle in mind.


CBD Infused Gummies

Our gummies use only our broad spectrum CBD as a vital ingredient in the formula. Remember, most CBD Gummies have the CBD sprayed on, not ours!! We infuse our CBD into each and every gummy ….. it’s in the formula …. not an afterthought!


Skin Care Products

Our Skin Care Products have been developed to bring the very best of all nature has to offer!

Hazel & Leo CBD Doggie Treats

Does your pet experience separation anxiety?  Do they struggle with being able to relax or chill out after exercise? Do they have painful joints?

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If you are looking for the amazing benefits of CBD, look NO further!! Our tinctures are made with the highest quality, superior ingredients, without any flavors or additives. Never settle for second rate or inferior tinctures! Choose the best, premium quality CBD Tincture on the market, directly from the source.

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High Cotton Botanicals Co. is a phenomenal brand!! I have had digestive issues and anxiety since I was young. I've tried several things, from medication to diet, to supplements, and several different brands of CBD products. These products have helped my symptoms more than anything I have found in 40 years. They also helped my 8 year old daughter be able to focus and communicate much better. I can't recommend these products enough!!

Ron E.

I was having a casual conversation with Brenda about how chemicals in beauty products were affecting my skin and hair. She told me about her products for hair and face. As I'm making some changes to more natural products but had not found anything that worked, I thought I would try it out...nothing to lose, right? The Face Serum and Moisture Cream calmed the redness, cleared up my skin, and people even started commenting that I looked younger and prettier! The Hair Serum stopped the itching from dry scalp and helped my hair grow thicker and quicker while reducing breakage! These products are truly amazing, high quality, and won't break the bank. I highly recommend!!!

Chrissye M.

These treats are great! Our dogs love them and from the time we gave them their first treat, there's been a noticeable difference in their everyday behavior and quality of life! We highly recommend them as part of your fur babies' life! Two thumbs up!

Andrew and Megan A.

I would like to say Thank You to High Cotton Botanicals - they have been a life saver for me! I have been able to reduce my back pain with the gel caps and the muscle rub. They don't smell and they ease the pain. They have been a great pain reducer for my mother, who suffers from degenerative arthritis. It helps her ease the pain so that she can move around. Thank you so much for the wonderful products!

Buffy A.


Vertically Integrated & Family Owned

We are proudly a family owned, vertically integrated company which allows us to control every step of the process from planting the seed, to growing, to extraction.


High Cotton Coffee!

Our small batch roasted, premium coffee has the same vertical integration and attention to quality that we bring to our line of CBD products. Try our delicious coffees with your favorite CBD tincture!