Skin Care Products

Our Skin Care Products have been developed to bring the very best of all nature has to offer! Face Serum and Moisture Cream are designed to transform your complexion and give you a healthy glow. You’ll find LaBella Vida Hair Serum will cut your dry time, help de-tangle, and moisturize your beautiful hair. Our CBD Topical Salve is a must-have for any skin condition, bug bites, and first-aid kits!

I was having a casual conversation with Brenda about how chemicals in beauty products were affecting my skin and hair. She told me about her products for hair and face. As I'm making some changes to more natural products but had not found anything that worked, I thought I would try it out...nothing to lose, right? The Face Serum and Moisture Cream calmed the redness, cleared up my skin, and people even started commenting that I looked younger and prettier! The Hair Serum stopped the itching from dry scalp and helped my hair grow thicker and quicker while reducing breakage! These products are truly amazing, high quality, and won't break the bank. I highly recommend!!!

Chrissye M.